What Are Digital Technologies?

Today’s digital world is concerned with creating, sharing, and using information in an electronic form. Digital information is data that is structured and manipulated, stored and networked, subsidized and sold. At the most fundamental level, digital technologies are an extension of the way we communicate with each other. The desire to communicate provides the motive and the ultimate rationale for the development of all sorts of technologies.

Companies are embracing digital technologies as the force that will literally save American business. Engaging in utilizing all different types of the medium is about being extremely open, creative and flexible. To stay competitive online, brands need to be investing in social media, and a strong online presence as a way to extend themselves to their customers.

While advertising and building brand awareness is important, the interaction generated by the use of digital technologies creates loyal customers. Digital technology allows customers to connect and interact with your brand as well offering them a chance to express their thoughts about your products and further develop your brand’s message.

I recently worked on a project for 10EQS where I analyzed organizations that had a strong online presence in order to understand how companies were communicating with their customers. I found that Starbucks, and Red Bull went to extensive lengths to connect with consumers using digital technologies from Facebook, cyber ads, and websites to the You Tube channel. Your digital presence is an extension of your brand and acts as an electronic store front; digital is about getting the customer to do more than just purchase, it’s all about engaging the consumer with the brand as demonstrated by the successful campaigns of companies such as Starbucks, and Red Bull.